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Ok so we established somewhat what stays and what goes.  Now it’s time to put things in the right place!  Again I need little to no direction here.  If you have something specific in mind please speak up and let me know.  After all this is your home and your space and you will need to know where things belong in order to keep it that way.  I will always go over this with you when I complete the room.

I can also turn a room into something completely different for use of space if you need.  For example if you want an office space arranged in what used to be a spare bedroom or vice versa.

Now this is the part where I often find that I need to get some supplies to continue the job properly.  For example you may need shelving, hangars, shoe racks, drawers, underbed containers, etc…  I will go over these needs with you during the consultation if I foresee the needs at that point.  However often it is not until I get more involved in the stuff in the room that I can see your true needs. You can decide if you would like to provide these items for me or if I need to purchase them for you or if you would like me to finish the room without these items.

This is the first thing that we will talk about during your free consultation.  The basic clean up.  Most likely you have a lot of things that you could part with. 

Usually I start with little to no direction on your part.  Anything that is not clearly trash or something that could be donated or sold based on our consultation together I will put in a separate container for you and your family to go through together.  Most likely if it hasn’t been missed in that mess of yours by now it’s not going to take you long to eliminate a lot of that stuff all together and if it’s a keeper then I can help you get it put in a better place.

I often have to make a bigger mess than you already have when I first get my hands on your space!  In order to put things away in an organized manner I have to take things out of closets and out of drawers, especially to be able to move furniture items around.  Rest assured though we will get through this process together and move on to the next step!

Let's Get Started

Let's Get Organized

​Congratulations!  Your room looks amazing!

This last step may be the most important for you!  After I get everything cleaned up and organized we need to come up with a specific plan for you to keep it neat!  I will go over common tips and tools with you  when I am finished.  I will also create very specific tips and tools just for you. 

I ask that you commit to these suggestions if you would like to keep your space as neat, clean, and organized as I am going to make it for you.  If I are successful you will love your new space and want to keep it that way!

At this point we can also discuss any decor ideas to complete your room if you would like us to add some finishing touches to personalize your success!


Let's Keep it Neat

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